Dear Mr. Glendora,

It’s been years that I been searching this theory since the ancient time they always mention this word HIDE and I have no idea that what they talking about that is why I spend my whole time to search the answer. It makes me something like interested of this study when I found out that what means is and I would like to share this with you now because I have no time to meet you. They are already here chasing me and they know that I’m searching the answer about them and they don’t like to know there Secret ever since the ancient era.

The sound of the city, train, cars, bus or people talking. The sound of nature which is like peace. But everything you heard and you see is like there is missing and you can felt that someone is watching you every day. It’ like someone is Hiding, I know you can’t felt it or seen it because they are hiding something but you can felt them if they want too. For 10 years I search this all artifacts I found are just the same sentence “HIDE THEY ARE WATCHING YOU” from the Egyptian to Mayan and from the Chinese. I translated them all but they are just the same sentence. I search everything I can and my own theory but when my idea come out that, What if they are a beast or monster I mean something that an intelligent species are hiding that we can’t see our naked eyes but we can felt it. When I conclude my theory I never thought that they are just real. This beast can communicate by telepathy hiding in the dark. They know everything the human weakness or the cycle of our life. They know how to kill us but they want one by one. And now it’s time to tell the world that the human is endangered.